Rescue Info


First off, thank you for being a rescue group. We appreciate all the efforts by the dedicated individuals who run rescue groups and foster animals. Recognizing that rescue groups play a major role in re-homing pets and reducing euthanasia, Walton County Animal Control (WCAC) is more than willing to work with licensed rescue groups. There are no fees for transfers to licensed rescues.

Ensuring a Successful Rescue

The biggest hindrance to a successful rescue program is time. Please understand that the (WCAC) Shelter is an open-door “pound” that receives animals from the public daily and kennel space is very limited. WCAC asks that rescue groups work quickly to rescue animals. There are no fees for rescue groups.

Grady the dog

Before a rescue group can pull animals, we must have the following forms on file:

  • We must have a copy of your current shelter license from the Georgia Department of Agriculture on file. 
  • Agency Transfer Authorization Document
    • This is a required Department of Agriculture form but is available from WCAC. It must be completed by the rescue group’s president (or equivalent) and lists all persons authorized to pull animals under the organization’s license.

Out of State Rescues

Altered Animals

If an animal is already spayed or neutered, we may be able to process no-fee adoptions to reputable out-of-state 501c3 rescue organizations. Arranging transport is the responsibility of the out-of-state rescue. Extended hold times are not usually possible.

Unaltered Animals

Because of Georgia regulations, we can only process agency transfers of unaltered animals to rescue groups licensed and inspected by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Therefore, out-of-state rescues of unaltered animals can be difficult to arrange.

Some GA Licensed Groups are willing to work with out-of-state rescues to pull animals from our shelter on behalf of out-of-state rescues (veterinary, boarding or transport fees may be required). You may see a list of the many GA Rescues active with our shelter on the Happy Endings page.

When attempting to arrange a rescue via a GA Licensed Rescue, it is best to "cc" our shelter on the emails so we know efforts are underway and can possibly hold the dog or cat.

Please include the animal's name or some other detail in the email subject line as many emails have been getting tagged as spam and only the subject line is shown.