Where do I vote?

You can find your polling place and get other information here: www.mvp.sos.ga.gov

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1. What are my voting options?
2. What are the acceptable types of photo ID for voting?
3. Do I need my precinct card to vote?
4. If I believe I have received the wrong ballot or I have a question about what is on my ballot, what do I do?
5. May I receive assistance at the polls?
6. Can I take my child to the polls with me?
7. Can I wear a campaign button into the polling place?
8. If I don’t vote on a candidate or question, will my other votes still be counted?
9. Can I vote anywhere in Georgia even if I don’t live here? I can vote a provisional ballot, right?
10. What is the difference between a special election, a primary election, and a general election?
11. Why do I have to choose a party?
12. What if I want to vote, but don’t want to choose a party?
13. Does my party choice in the Primary Election have any bearing on my choices in the November General Election?
14. If I voted in a particular party’s primary, may I switch to the other party for the runoff?
15. If I don’t vote in the primary, may I vote in the runoff?
16. If I vote in the Nonpartisan Election during the initial voting, may I participate in a party runoff?
17. If I don’t vote in the Primary or Runoff, can I still vote in the November General Election?
18. Where do I vote?
19. When can I vote on Election Day?